Joni's Journey

Joni’s Journey to Recovery

Hi, my name is Joni. I am from Hutchinson, KS. My mental illness started when I was young, and I felt it get worse as I became an adult.
Throughout school, I was in Educable Mental Handicapped classes due to learning disabilities and mental health issues.
As an adult, I couldn’t manage my mental health issues, and it caused me to lose my marriage. My children were taken into state custody. I suffered from depression. The death of my mom, dad, and other family members caused my depression to take a toll on me, which then caused separation anxiety.
It felt impossible to be independent while I was dealing with separation anxiety. I started using drugs after experiencing yet another tragic loss.
I got caught using and was put into treatment. After treatment, though, I was introduced to Milestone Clubhouse.
I have had help to learn to be more independent, I am more social, and feel supported in my recovery from mental illness.
Clubhouse helped me learn a lot!
I am able to do things myself and cope with everything much better.
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