Uplift the Lives of Those Battling Poverty and Severe Mental Illness

By Andy Houltberg, Breakthrough CEO
Breakthrough Spark Resilience Campaign

Our community faces a significant challenge – homelessness – which has escalated exponentially in recent years. This year alone, over 700 individuals and families in Wichita/Sedgwick County are without a place to call home.

But through your invaluable support, we are able to further our mission to spark resilience, a core strength that allows many of these individuals to battle severe mental illness and poverty.

Transform lives and instill resilience in those struggling with poverty and severe mental illness when you support our end-of-year Spark Resilience Campaign by December 31, 2023. Help us reach our $50,000 goal. You’ll double the impact due to a matching grant from a dedicated donor. Thus, a contribution of $100 translates into an impact of $200.

Many individuals have drawn strength from cultivating resilience through our ministries, programs, and Clubhouses. In fact, let me share the inspiring story of a mother, Sandy, and her young son, Nathan.

In the face of limited shelter availability, they didn’t know where to go for the night. But our Turning Point program staff stepped in to provide a motel room, daily meals, and facilitate their journey toward a stable future. Sandy’s determination and optimism, coupled with the opportunities and resources provided by Breakthrough Wichita, have led them toward promising prospects.

We strive to uplift these individuals, equipping them with education scholarships, access to healthcare, advocacy, and a supportive community.

Your continuous support enables us to uphold and foster positive change in our community.

I urge you to consider making a sustaining gift today to our Spark Resilience Campaign. Change the lives of more people like Sandy and Nathan.


The Rev. Andy Houltberg, CEO