Social Security Payee Programs And Financial Counseling


The Breakthrough Representative Payee Program provides the unique element of one-on-one connection between our volunteers and our clients, a relationship that has the potential for real and lasting change to happen in someone’s life.

There are different types of benefits available to persons in distress, those living in poverty and those receiving disability income. It’s often the only income our program participants receive and live on. The average income for our clients is approximately $734 per month.

Recipients, because of disabilities ranging from insecure living situations, mental illness, physical disabilities, substance abuse, or developmental disabilities, are required by the SSA to have an assigned Payee to receive and manage their income. In addition to Social Security, examples of other benefits include VA benefits, Railroad Retirement, private pensions and widow annuities.

We operate the largest Organizational Representative Payee program in the state for vulnerable recipients of Social Security benefits.

The Organizational Representative Payee program has served hundreds in our community throughout the last 20 years and currently serves more than 450 clients from Wichita and across the state. Our staff and 45 volunteers work to provide each client with assistance in maintaining an independent lifestyle.

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Our food ministry provides food for homeless and low-income individuals.

Turning Point

For over 35 years, Breakthrough has served hot lunches to the hungry all over Wichita. In addition, our pantry provides life-giving support each month for those in need and engaging them in meaningful volunteer activities.

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The Clubhouse provides a variety of social and vocational programs, engaging activities and service opportunities, reducing isolation for those living with severe and persistent mental illness and offering support for recovery.

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Payee Services and Support

As operators of the largest Organizational Representative Payee program in Kansas, our team at Breakthrough helps people in distress obtain financial security and wisely manage their funds.

Employment Services

We work with each individual to assess job readiness, find the proper fit for their skills and interests, resume and interview assistance, and continued support after employment is obtained.

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