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Our community faces a significant challenge – homelessness – over 700 individuals and families in Wichita/Sedgwick County are without a place to call home.

We are on a mission to change it with programs and services that instill resilience in people living in poverty and severe mental illness.

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Poverty and mental Illness are massive. But together, we can help build resilience and change the outcome for members of our community.

GOAL: $50,000 – $45,000 raised so far!

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Give so we have more resources to help thousands break through the cycle of poverty and mental illness to find hope, healing, and resilience.

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We know our ministries, programs, and Clubhouses build purpose, health and hope. Take a look at Sandy and Nathan, Sarah, and Seth’s stories.

Sandy and Nathan’s Story

Sandy and Nathan, a mother and son duo, were on the brink of homelessness when Breakthrough intervened with their holistic approach.

With local shelters full, they sought aid from Breakthrough, which enabled their temporary stay in a motel through their Turning Point program.

Sandy utilized this time to partake in the Employment program, displaying resilience and determination by completing a Career Readiness class and starting therapy.

Sandy appreciated the multifaceted support from Breakthrough, recognizing it as a concerted effort to help those in dire need. When asked how she feels since she started her journey with Breakthrough, she stated, “I feel like I can do anything at this point.”

mother and son walking together
Silver haired woman on crutches holds a bowl up during a community meal. She is smiling brightly.

Sara’s Story

Sarah’s story isn’t so unusual. She was blessed with a college education, the intelligence to manage a demanding academic life, and a promising career as a nurse.

But she found her life spiraling into chaos shortly after graduation.

After years of confusion about her mental health and finding herself living in a motel isolated from her family, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Becoming a part of the Clubhouse community helped her put her life back together.

Sarah’s most revealing comment was, “My heart doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Seth’s Story

Seth was in an abusive relationship and soon found himself on the street with no home and no resources – little education, no regular job, no family in the area, and his only mode of transportation was the bus.

Without those things, he had nothing to draw from in order to support himself. By attending our life-skills class, and with our support, he learned what it is to make healthy choices, practice problem-solving in his own way, and begin to overcome trauma.

He’s starting over at the age of 42 with a new job and a safe place he can call his home.

Homeless man is dressed warmly, he's looking straight at the camera, while eating from a takeaway box during a food handout event.

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