Jewel’s Journey to Recovery

My name is Jewel. I am from Hutchinson, Kansas, in Reno County. Most people think the mentally ill do not know a lot. But I do. And I vote.
Mental illness has caused trauma in my life since I was 14.
My mom tried to overdose in front of my siblings and me. I have a brother who suffers from severe depression. I was diagnosed with bipolar and PTSD.
I lost my children, my husband, and I tried to overdose on prescription medications. I was placed in Larned State Hospital twice.
I started going to Horizons Mental Health Center where I was placed on medications, put in therapy, case management, psychosocial groups, and peer support.
I have since graduated from most! It’s thanks to finding and becoming involved with Milestone Clubhouse.
I developed friendships that I could keep through the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to having their phone numbers and Facebook profiles. This was not allowed in other groups I’ve been in.
The director of Milestone Clubhouse would call weekly to bring food and hygiene products if we could not get out due to the pandemic restrictions. When Milestone Clubhouse reopened its doors, it had a mask and social distancing policy, making it easier to decrease the isolation which so many members endured.
Milestone Clubhouse enhances my mental health services with benefits such as work experience, enduring friendships, and social activities that I could not gain from the local mental health center.
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