Brian overcame mental health roadblocks through his being part of Breakthrough's Clubhouse

Brian’s Journey to Recovery

When I was 19 I was hospitalized. During that hospitalization, I was diagnosed with a mental illness. I dealt with some real mental health roadblocks. Just a few examples would be my inability to keep a job, legal issues, and repeat hospitalizations.
I have a heritage of Cherokee Indian and was introduced to the Clubhouse by a mental health center about 10 years ago and things began to change for the better.
Breakthrough has been a support system to keep my mind occupied. It’s helped by allowing me to socialize with others and not feel alone. The experience with cleaning and the Clubhouse’s work order day helps me with the activities of daily living.
Due to the support of Breakthrough, I’ve now been out of the hospital for seven years. My mental health roadblocks were overcome.
I’m truly on the road to recovery.
Now is your chance to help others like Brian.
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