Breakthrough Clubhouse: A Place For Community

Clubhouse reduces isolation for those living with severe and persistent mental illness, and offers support for recovery

Clubhouse is a social and vocational program that reduces isolation for those living with severe and persistent mental illness and provides support for their recovery. Fully accredited by the International Center on Clubhouse Development, Clubhouse was founded on a concept pioneered by Fountain House in New York City. According to Fountain House, a Clubhouse “…is committed to helping people with mental illness stay out of hospitals while achieving educational, financial, and vocational goals.”

At Clubhouse, members and staff are equals. Both groups share responsibility for all aspects of the Clubhouse’s day-to-day operation. It is this equality that makes Clubhouse different from other rehabilitation programs. By sharing responsibility, members are more motivated to come in regularly.

Clubhouse members work through their mental illness with the support of staff, along with others experiencing the same difficulties. For members, knowing they’re not alone makes a world of difference. We’ve also found that being part of a community helps members be more invested not only in their own recovery, but that of others.

Clubhouse membership never lapses and never expires. It carries with it four guaranteed rights:

  • A place to come
  • Meaningful relationships
  • Meaningful work
  • A place to return

As the only accredited Clubhouse in Kansas,the Breakthrough Clubhouse affirms the value of members and their ability to be part of a meaningful community, no matter what their diagnosis may be. If you feel you or someone you love could benefit from Clubhouse membership, give us a call or come in today. We’d love to introduce you to the difference Clubhouse can make.

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Food Ministry

For over 35 years, Breakthrough has served hot lunches to the hungry all over Wichita. In addition, our pantry provides life-giving support each month for those in need and engaging them in meaningful volunteer activities.

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The Clubhouse provides a variety of social and vocational programs, engaging activities and service opportunities, reducing isolation for those living with severe and persistent mental illness and offering support for recovery.

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Payee Programs & Financial Counseling

As operators of the largest Organizational Representative Payee program in Kansas, our team at Breakthrough helps people in distress obtain financial security and wisely manage their funds.

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Employment &
Career Services

We work with each individual to assess job readiness, find the proper fit for their skills and interests, resume and interview assistance, and continued support after employment is obtained.

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As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life. Get in touch today and start making the difference.

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