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Sue Doonan


The Family

Sue Doonan met her husband in high school.  Kenny didn’t tell her til years later that when he invited her to a football game he was hoping to meet her best friend.  He was late for that date, (his dad sent him out of town), so she went without him.  Four years later they were married.  They are parents of 2 sons and 1 daughter and say they love their family time in general, but they really adore the time at the lake when they only have the grandchildren, 3 boys and 3 girls ages 3-18.  Sue said she expected the older ones would get tired of being with grandparents and she’s delighted they’re still just as excited to go!  Kenny and Sue put everything else aside when those two weeks come up.  It sounds like they always will!

The Business

Sue says they’re on the road a LOT for the business, they own Doonan Truck & Equipment, which is 3 Peterbilt truck dealerships in Wichita, Great Bend, and Hays along with Hino in Wichita.  It’s a full-time job.

The Causes

Sue is drawing on her love of dancing to support Breakthrough's mission this year.  She's also involved with Rainbows United and a board member with Wichita Grand Opera.

Leisure Time

Playing Bridge, and.. she says one of her favorite leisure trips was a windjammer cruise in the Mediterranean.  She tells us Kenny actually water skied in that ocean!  Water skis behind a sailboat, hmm.  They are an adventure!



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