Tessie's Tigers

Roxanne Romey - Breakthrough Club Member

This is the place to put your kindness into ACTION.  A gift to Roxanne's team is a gift of support that keeps on giving.  It's so much more than a donation, it's a statement!


As a member of the Breakthrough Clubhouse, I work hard to be kind to all, every day. As someone with a mental illness, I know how difficult the world can be without kindness. At the Clubhouse, I arrive almost daily and have found a place that accepts me. I have found kind people to take a journey of a meaningful life through employment and friendships. New this year is my role in the Breathe Easy Live Well program as peer support. As someone that used to smoke, I am helping others who are trying to stop. A mental illness has many challenges, which makes the effort to stop smoking even greater.

August 10th!

Would you join my team, “Tessie’s Tigers?” You can come walk with me and my Schnauzer dog, Tessie, make a donation, or both. Registration is at 8 am with a one-mile walk starting at 9 am, at Sedgwick County Park, Plum Shelter (east of the Boundless Playground).

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