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Kenny had his eye on a particular girl in high school.  Hoping to get close to his dream date, he asked her best friend to a football game.  Four years later, Kenny and the girl's best friend, Sue, were married! Their story is a beautiful one: parents to three children and six grandchildren ages 3-18.  For the past 10 years, Kenny and Sue set aside two weeks of alone time each year with the grandchildren at the lake.  It's a cherished time, and the kids love it.

Kenny and Sue own Doonan Truck & Equipment, which is comprised of three Peterbilt truck dealerships in Wichita, Great Bend and Hays, and Hino in Wichita. 

Kenny loves to fly and has a Stearman bi-plane at Benton's Stearman Field.  A charitable passion of his is the Kansas Food Bank.  He was chairman of the board and played a large part in getting the building built, and continues in his role as board member.  Both Kenny and Sue feel strongly about helping and feeding the community's poor.




Crystal may have searched for her role in life, getting a degree in Biblical Literature with a youth emphasis from Ozark Christian College in Joplin, then moving on to an interior design certification.  But she only needed to pay attention to her own imagination to know where she belonged.  Every time she heard music, she imagined dance steps.  Her dream was calling to her.

She was looking for a summer job answering phones while in college when she spotted a sign that said: “we teach ballroom, country, Latin and swing”. 

She went into the studio was asked if she was applying for the job.  What job?  Teacher! 

She assured them she had no experience, but the owner came out and danced with her for about two hours that day, and she had fun!  He told her to come back the next day, and the next, and after a week and a half she was teaching another student. 

She kept teaching.  She says she now knows you have to dance three years before you even know what you don’t know.

Crystal is a grandmother, in a blended family, of 17.  She’s had enough time teaching to know what she loves and she tells stories how dance has changed lives.  She says it’s social and should be for everyone.  She tells of an engineer from Cessna who told her he was too shy to meet people.  Before he moved he took her to lunch to thank her for changing his life.  Women love to dance, and he’d met many wonderful women.

Crystal tells of a man in his 80’s, starting a second life, he says he’s quite a catch now, he can dance AND drive at night!  She is full of stories, she seems to fall in love with the men and women who crave the chance to learn and change.

Crystal still has a vision for her perfect lifestyle – interior design during the day, and dance instruction in the evening.  It just may come true.

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