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Tickets to see Dennis dance on May 4

$125 for Ballroom Event with Live Dancing and Plated Meal

$50 for Come-and-Go Patio Party with Monitor Viewing



Dennis Ross is a dancer extraordinaire - at least his wife, Ann,  thinks so!  He tap-danced at his 70th birthday party last year and does enjoy dance - as well as singing, piano and the sax!  He even plays in a church polka band.  Dennis and Ann met while working in Labor and Delivery when she was a student nurse.  They have four children and are blessed with eight grandchildren.

Philanthropy is so much a part of his very skeleton that he's giving the majority of the profits from a medical thriller he's written to the National Kidney Foundation.  The name of the book is The Perfect Match. 

Dr. Ross is the President of the Kansas Nephrology Association and serves as medical director for several dialysis facilities in the region. He's a Clinical Professor at the University of Kansas Medical School in Wichita.  

They've both been generous supporters of the arts, social services and business endeavors in and around the Wichita area.  Thank you, Dennis and Ann, for putting Breakthrough on that list!





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