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STAR Dancer

Arland Wallace

Arland Wallace has been a goal-setter from a young age.  He imagined a life in a medical field while in elementary school and spent ten years as an x-ray tech. His next 35 years were spent in the print industry and while in that role he set a goal - cardio fitness.  His 20 minutes a day on the treadmill turned into 5Ks, 10Ks and a 24-hour run! 

While waiting for runners one day, he found himself at a grand piano - in awe! So of course, he set a new goal to learn to play the piano.  As only an over-achiever can do, he took those learning skills and learned the violin as well.  These were all set aside, however, to take up the life he may have been running from but always in his mind - clergy.  Arland graduated from the Bishop Kemper School of Ministry and serves at St. John's Episcopal Church in Wichita, KS. 

Arland has a heart for helping the poor and marginalized.  Along with his normal duties, he's well-known for a couple of projects in the community - Sandwich Saturday and Laundry of Love.  Sandwich Saturday provide sack lunches to the poor, and Laundry of Love gives the homeless and others an opportunity to clean their clothes once a month for free.  Deacon Wallace's work aligns with Breakthrough as a positive resource in the community for the many clients we share.



Haley Ensz

Haley embarked on her dance journey about eight years ago when she started dancing with the Wichita Swing Dance Society.  She learned a lot of solo jazz, swing, lindy hop, and blues, among others.  She turned pro about 2 ½ years ago and teaches routinely at Sway Ballroom and Latin Dance Studio.  Does she have a favorite dance?  She does!  She says she loves swing and always has, and says swing and rumba are her two favorites to teach.

Haley says the heart of dance is happiness and joy, and that’s what she taught when one couple came in afraid to try dance again after a teacher had told them they were bad dancers!  She told us as a dancer and educator it saddens her to see students of all ages afraid to try because they have been told they aren’t good.  So she set her goal with this nervous couple at just taking their mind off the stress and getting them to enjoy the dance!  She said they had a wonderful time, and their happiness was rewarding to see.  She adds it’s the type of happy energy she likes to spread when she teaches her students.

Haley imagined herself as a teacher from the time she was in elementary school.. she’s doing her student teaching now and is about to graduate from WSU with a BFA in Art Education.  She is very busy ..    a student, working two jobs!  Hobbies?  Painting, sculpture and event organizing!  She says as busy as life is she tries to make it a priority to spend quality time with friends, she likes to have weekly game nights, and likes movies.

Haley tells us she’s had many friends who have struggled with their mental health and while dancing is a wonderful, therapeutic outlet for many people and she’s so glad to share her love of it, she’s thankful for Breakthrough Episcopal Social Services for ongoing support.  She says it’s easy to want to give her time to this cause, and we thank her for it.

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