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Bringing Families Together in Mutually Supportive Environments

The Family Focused Support Group program provides youth and their families the chance to learn the skills necessary to change aggressive behavior and maintain a non-aggressive lifestyle. The Family Focused Support Group works with parents/guardians of youth enrolled in the Aggression Replacement Training (ART) and Thinking for a Change (T4C) programs, teaching them skills to assist their children as they work through problem situations. The Family Focused Support Group  allows parents/guardians and their children the chance to practice skills in a supportive setting while providing constructive feedback and encouragement.

Parental/guardian involvement in learning makes for a far more effective intervention. Family members become " life coaches" for their children. Together, they acquire and practice skills to help replace aggression and change antisocial behaviors. In doing so, family communication and relationships will improve.

Session Information

  • The Family Focused Support Group serves families who have a youth enrolled in Aggression Replacement Training (ART) or Thinking for a Change (T4C).
  • Participants from both program groups will meet once a week on Thursdays for the duration of their program participation, depending on the needs of the family.
  • No cost to parents for Family Focused Support Group.
  • Enrollment is accepted throughout the year and new sessions start on a rotating basis.

To enroll: Contact Heather Snapp at, or call us at 316.269.4160.

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    35th Anniversary
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