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In May of 2016, the Kansas Health Foundation awarded ESS and InterFaith Ministries a grant to assist persons living with mental illness to reduce or eliminate tobacco use.  Participants commit to 15 classroom sessions, using the evidence-based curriculum “Breathe Easy Live Well”.   They also have access to regular checkups with CO monitor, daily lesson evaluations and newly established quit groups.  In the Downtown Wichita community, over 450 people that live with mental illness, and/or live in poverty, have been touched by the tobacco initiative.  Over 48% of participants have no source of insurance.  Facilitators have discovered that establishing a relationship and listening to participants’ concerns have proven to give tobacco users better ways of dealing with their nicotine addiction.

We now offer Train the Trainer curriculum to create facilitators of "Breathe Easy Live Well" for Mental Heath Centers, Health Departments and Consumer Run Organizations in Kansas. Contact Marty Quy, Tobacco Initiative Grant Coordinator at 316-665-8678 or email at to schedule a free two day training opportunity.

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    35th Anniversary
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