Josh’s Journey to Recovery

I lived in a cardboard pizza box behind a pizza restaurant. 

I was a runaway and didn’t want anyone telling me how to live.

I was abused and I did drugs – hard drugs. 

Then a preacher told me about Breakthrough. 

They treated me like family, helped me cope with getting off drugs, and helped me go back to college
(I’m going to be an archeologist!). And I have lots of friends. 

I wouldn’t have succeeded without them helping me. 

Breakthrough is a family to me – friendships come in many ways. It’s amazing.”

Josh overcame his adversities through Breakthrough’s program Clubhouse, which offers educational, financial, and vocational guidance. 

Now is your chance to help others like Josh. 

Please give now to our September fundraiser Journeys to Recovery
so that we can continue to provide opportunities for others who are yearning for change. 

From a cardboard pizza box to a community - Josh's journey to recovery is aided by friends, friendship, and Breakthrough's Clubhouse.