Danny’s Journey to Recovery

My name is Daniel. I am from Hutchinson, Kansas, in Reno County, and I am a voter.
I hate mental illness because I battle severe depression in my life. I would never admit or talk about my mental illness. My illness started in childhood, as I witnessed and experienced several traumatic events.
I was young when I lost my grandparents, and it spiraled my depression even further. I was increasingly isolated and suicidal. I ran away when I was 13 and have been on my own since. I truly reached the all-time lowest point in my life when I lost my girlfriend and my mom. My mom passed away in 2019, and I gave up all hope. It felt like a knife stabbed me in my heart repeatedly – over and over!
I was given some tools when I was introduced to the Milestone Clubhouse in 2020. Through a combination of the MIlestone staff and members, Milestone socials, medication, Horizons Mental Health Center, and my fiancee in my life – I now realize life is more meaningful than I previously thought.
My recovery has started.
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