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Our organization is dedicated to helping people in our community break through the cycle of poverty and mental illness. This includes raising awareness about the experience of living with mental illness, to end the cycle of poverty for those that seek our services, and build bridges in our community for those who are lost. Discover how your help makes an impact.

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  • Clubhouse Accreditation
    Clubhouse Accreditation

    For Immediate Release    Media Contact
    Rachel Newell
    Director of Development 


    Wichita, Kan., June 12, 2019 – Breakthrough Clubhouse, a pre-vocational program of Breakthrough/Episcopal Social Services, received a three-year accreditation in May as an affiliate of the Clubhouse International, an organization that develops Clubhouses around the world.  The recognition is significant, as it points to a clear demonstration of a Clubhouse’s commitment to excellence.  Accreditation is awarded to Clubhouses that adhere to the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs, providing opportunities for Clubhouse members to find employment, go to school, build meaningful relationships and live healthy lifestyles. 

    The process is a rigorous one - both evaluative and consultative.  It includes a clubhouse self-study, site visit, dialogs regarding Clubhouse leadership and improvement opportunities, and a written report.  

    The accreditation process is conducted by members of the Clubhouse International faculty for Clubhouse Development.  The final report noted, “Members have a strong sense of pride and ownership in the  Clubhouse, there’s a strong culture of employment and an extremely active advocacy with the Kansas State Legislature which is resulting in solid support of Clubhouses in other parts of Kansas.”  David Kapten, Program Director for Breakthrough Clubhouse added, “This is an empowering program that supports self-directed recovery. Each member of the Clubhouse is needed and wanted.”  

    Clubhouses are local community centers that provide members with opportunities to build long-term relationships that, in turn, support them in obtaining employment, education and housing, including:
    •    a work-ordered day in which the talents and abilities of members are recognized and utilized within the Clubhouse;
    •    participation in consensus-based decision making regarding all important matters relating to the running of the Clubhouse;
    •    Opportunities to obtain paid employment in the local labor market through a Clubhouse-created Transitional Employment Program. In addition, members participate in Clubhouse-supported and independent programs;
    •    assistance in accessing community-based educational resources;
    •    access to crisis intervention services when needed, and;
    •    Evening/weekend social and recreational events.

    About Breakthrough Clubhouse 
    The Clubhouse Model is a unique program serving 386 people with mental illness in 2018.  It’s one of four primary programs of Breakthrough/Episcopal Social Services. Breakthrough has been an accredited Clubhouse since 1997 and continues to be the only one in Kansas. Clubhouses are a powerful demonstration that people with mental illness can and do lead normal, productive lives.  


  • Mental Health Funding for certified Clubhouses as identified and funded by the Lottery Vending Machine legislation that became law in 2018.

  • Drawing from our history, our new name is "Breakthrough."

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Nice Neighborhood: Taking Care and Taking Notice of the People on Your Block

Living in a neighborhood is a unique experience. Bunking up in college dormitories, tucking away in the country or renting an apartment on a busy urban street has its benefits. But neighborhood living teaches you and your family the value of community, the benefits of sharing and the comfort of friendship.

September 28th marks National Good Neighbor Day. Celebrate it by being a good neighbor. Show the people around you how happy you are to live near them.

Eyes and Ears
You can shut your blinds and close your garage door, but in residential communities you’re never far from your neighbors. But the benefit of having people nearby sometimes goes unnoticed.

For example, have you ever seen Neighborhood Association stickers on your street? Kind neighbors in your area may have volunteered to keep an eye on your kids on their way home from school or en route to the park. Hopefully their careful guard is never needed. But your students are safer because of them. This is the perfect month to thank them for their time.

Yard Art
Apartment dwellers have a distinct advantage over homeowners. They don’t have to worry about their plants dying or their grass growing out of control when they skip town. Like people without pets, renters don’t need caretaking arrangements for weekend getaways. If one of your neighbors mowed your lawn or grabbed the paper when you were away, do something special for them in return. Give them mums or a pumpkin this autumn. Or, buy them a newspaper subscription. You won’t even have to look up their address.

How Sweet
May Day is a natural time to delight your neighbors with a sweet treat on their doorstep. But it’s less fun when they’re expecting a gift. Show neighbors you appreciate them in the cooler months too. Make them caramel apples or pumpkin bread on September 28th and you’ll really surprise them.

It’s easy to make friends with the parents of your kids’ playmates. And smiling and waving to the couple whose backyard meets yours doesn’t take much effort. But some neighbors may have flown under your radar, and they may need the most attention.

Need a Hand?
Check on any elderly couples on your street. Knock on their door and introduce yourself if you haven’t yet. Ask them if they’ve made snow removal arrangements for the coming winter, and offer to help if they need it. Keep in touch with them so they don’t feel excluded from the younger families on their block.

Kind neighbors make the grass greener (on both sides), and the street sweeter for everyone on it. Be an extra kind neighbor this fall show to neighbors you’re happy to be on their block.

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    35th Anniversary
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    United Way