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Our organization is dedicated to helping people in our community break through the cycle of poverty and mental illness. This includes raising awareness about the experience of living with mental illness, to end the cycle of poverty for those that seek our services, and build bridges in our community for those who are lost. Discover how your help makes an impact.

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  • Clubhouse Accreditation
    Clubhouse Accreditation

    For Immediate Release    Media Contact
    Rachel Newell
    Director of Development 


    Wichita, Kan., June 12, 2019 – Breakthrough Clubhouse, a pre-vocational program of Breakthrough/Episcopal Social Services, received a three-year accreditation in May as an affiliate of the Clubhouse International, an organization that develops Clubhouses around the world.  The recognition is significant, as it points to a clear demonstration of a Clubhouse’s commitment to excellence.  Accreditation is awarded to Clubhouses that adhere to the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs, providing opportunities for Clubhouse members to find employment, go to school, build meaningful relationships and live healthy lifestyles. 

    The process is a rigorous one - both evaluative and consultative.  It includes a clubhouse self-study, site visit, dialogs regarding Clubhouse leadership and improvement opportunities, and a written report.  

    The accreditation process is conducted by members of the Clubhouse International faculty for Clubhouse Development.  The final report noted, “Members have a strong sense of pride and ownership in the  Clubhouse, there’s a strong culture of employment and an extremely active advocacy with the Kansas State Legislature which is resulting in solid support of Clubhouses in other parts of Kansas.”  David Kapten, Program Director for Breakthrough Clubhouse added, “This is an empowering program that supports self-directed recovery. Each member of the Clubhouse is needed and wanted.”  

    Clubhouses are local community centers that provide members with opportunities to build long-term relationships that, in turn, support them in obtaining employment, education and housing, including:
    •    a work-ordered day in which the talents and abilities of members are recognized and utilized within the Clubhouse;
    •    participation in consensus-based decision making regarding all important matters relating to the running of the Clubhouse;
    •    Opportunities to obtain paid employment in the local labor market through a Clubhouse-created Transitional Employment Program. In addition, members participate in Clubhouse-supported and independent programs;
    •    assistance in accessing community-based educational resources;
    •    access to crisis intervention services when needed, and;
    •    Evening/weekend social and recreational events.

    About Breakthrough Clubhouse 
    The Clubhouse Model is a unique program serving 386 people with mental illness in 2018.  It’s one of four primary programs of Breakthrough/Episcopal Social Services. Breakthrough has been an accredited Clubhouse since 1997 and continues to be the only one in Kansas. Clubhouses are a powerful demonstration that people with mental illness can and do lead normal, productive lives.  


  • Mental Health Funding for certified Clubhouses as identified and funded by the Lottery Vending Machine legislation that became law in 2018.

  • Drawing from our history, our new name is "Breakthrough."

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Unique Household Item Donation Ideas

It’s tempting to throw something away that isn’t being used. But before you ditch certain items, you might want to think twice. Everybody has heard about commonly needed donations, like canned goods and everyday clothing. But surprisingly, there are nonprofit organizations that will take almost anything you could think of and distribute those items to people in need. So next time you’re going to pitch those odd items, donate it to a good cause instead. Here are just a few items that you might not have considered donating, but should give a second thought.

Job Interview Supplies
Although people donate everyday clothes, professional clothes are often overlooked. This can include dress clothes for men and women, and even makeup and jewelry for women. By donating these items you could help someone unemployed land that job they need. If you’ve recently changed sizes or updated your wardrobe, consider donating your professional clothes to charity. Organizations dedicated to helping people dress for success will accept unopened makeup. Collect those unused samples or throw some extra cosmetics in your cart the next time you’re at the pharmacy and give someone the makeover that could land them a new job. will direct you to organizations in this area that accept items of this nature.

Special Occasion Dresses
Why is it that dresses you only wear once are the most expensive? Since those dresses are so pricey, many people can’t afford to buy a prom or wedding dress. Instead of letting those dresses collect dust hanging in your closet, you could be making someone’s special day. With organizations like, which has drop-off sites in 40 states, and, you could make an event. Let your photos of your special day take up space in your memories instead of a dress crowding out your closet, and let that dress make new memories for someone less fortunate.

Pet Products
When we think about donating, we often focus on helping humans. While that’s great, don’t forget that our furry friends need help as well. Many animal lovers donate time or money to humane societies across the globe. But what about pet toys or pet supplies? There are plenty of nonprofit organizations that need items like leashes, water dishes and grooming products. If you’ve recently upgraded, donate your old items so that pets can have the proper care they need.

Musical Instruments
Normally donations consist of necessities, and musical instruments don’t typically make the list. But the gift of music could make a huge difference in somebody’s life. Organizations like help people in need pick up a musical instrument. The organization loans musical instruments to homeless students in order to explore their musical talents. Above all, a musical instrument could provide joy. So if you decide to give up a musical hobby, let someone else embark on her own musical journey.

Old Tools
Many people donate time to build houses and help with home improvements for those in need, but what about the tools necessary for the job? Helping wouldn’t be an option without the right tools. Rummage through your shed or toolbox. If you haven’t used a tool in awhile, chances are you probably won’t need it in the future. Check with a neighbor to coordinate what tools you can share so that both of you can decrease your tool collection. It’ll take up less space and help others get homes that they couldn’t afford otherwise.

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    35th Anniversary
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