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Our organization is dedicated to helping people in our community break through the cycle of poverty and mental illness. This includes raising awareness about the experience of living with mental illness, to end the cycle of poverty for those that seek our services, and build bridges in our community for those who are lost. Discover how your help makes an impact.

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We exist to raise awareness about the experience of living with severe and persistent mental illness, to end the cycle of poverty for those that seek our services, and build bridges for those who are lost.  Learn more and get involved.

Pack a Backpack for Back to School and Feed a Child

School is starting soon and with that comes the firing up of the BackPack Program again. The BackPack Program is a great organization to get involved with, especially if you have kids in school. Here’s a little bit of background on the program and how to get involved.

The Beginnings
The original BackPack Program began in 1995. A school nurse went to the Arkansas Rice Depot to ask for help for the kids coming to her during school days with dizziness and stomachaches caused by hunger. At the time, a local food bank began providing the kids with groceries in backpacks to take home.

You could say that the program grew rather quickly. Since its origins 3,600 BackPack programs feeding more than 190,000 children have been created. In July of 2006, the National Council of Feeding America approved the BackPack Program as an official national program.

How it Works
The program provides backpacks of food for students over the weekend who meet the requirements. Most students who benefit from the program are also on free or reduced lunch at their schools. In certain cases, the program will provide food for students over school vacations as well as food for younger siblings at home.

How You Can Help
By simply visiting you can quickly donate anywhere from 200 to 800 meals for a child this school year with donations of 25 to 100 dollars. Just 45 dollars helps feed a family of four for a month. Donations not only fund food but also the backpacks that kids take home.

Consider getting involved with this organization this school year. Some branches of the program have begun holding an annual BackPack Extra Mile Walk. Look into one of these or start your own in your town or just consider donation online.

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    35th Anniversary
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