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Our organization is dedicated to helping people in our community break through the cycle of poverty and mental illness. This includes raising awareness about the experience of living with mental illness, to end the cycle of poverty for those that seek our services, and build bridges in our community for those who are lost. Discover how your help makes an impact.

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Community Impact

We exist to raise awareness about the experience of living with severe and persistent mental illness, to end the cycle of poverty for those that seek our services, and build bridges for those who are lost.  Learn more and get involved.

Getting Others to Volunteer is a Gift to a Nonprofit

You’re passionate about your volunteer activities. But you’ve noticed that not many of your friends or family members share a similar drive to help. Here are some simple ways to get them motivated to volunteer.

Show Them the Way
You’re already doing a good deed by volunteering. If you talk with your friends about your activities, the conversation might inspire them to get involved. Next time you head out to your favorite nonprofit organization, ask them along. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get a friend involved.

Learn Their Passions
Maybe your volunteer activities or the organization you like to help doesn’t interest your friend. The key to volunteering is to have a passion for the mission of the organization. Help people seek out an organization that fits their interests. Maybe join them for a few hours to get them started. You may just find yourself appreciating another organization.

Spread the Word
If you find yourself on Facebook or Twitter, make sure you talk about the volunteer work you’re doing. This may invite people to ask you more about how they can get involved. If you like to write, consider starting a blog to offer a more in-depth look at your volunteer adventures.

  • 35th Anniversary
    35th Anniversary
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    United Way