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"I finished my high school diploma at the club in record time, went on to start college, and got my life back in order. Breakthrough Club saved my life."
-Erik, Breakthrough Club member

Mental illness often strikes while individuals are finishing up high school or college. Symptoms make it difficult to sit through traditional classes. Members can obtain their High School Diploma and graduate from a variety of different high schools in Kansas through Project Encore.

Many members take online college or graduate courses online as well. Breakthrough has dedicated space and computers for members to complete course work. However, some members want to take classes at local school campuses. In that case, Breakthrough staff provides individualized support from helping with the application process, becoming acquainted with the campus, to getting them set up with disability support services on site to make the transition easier.

The Clubhouse also offers individualized and group learning opportunities for members who just want to better themselves. Classes to learn about computers, basic math, art, and Spanish are some examples of what we offer in-house. The goal is for members and staff to work together to accomplish these important educational milestones and prepare members for success in the workplace or higher education.

  • 35th Anniversary
    35th Anniversary
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