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The Clubhouse Advisory Board (CAB) provides an additional network of supporters who can help with community awareness, community impact and planning for the future.

Current President

Steve Benjamin (M.S., Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, CEAS), Owner | Vocational Rehabilitation Management, Inc.


Members of the Board, 2019

Sarah Robinson | Saint Francis Community Services

Donna Ard, Representative | National Alliance on Mental Illness

Susan Dohrer, Representative | National Alliance on Mental Illness

Fred James | Petroleum Geologist, Retired

Cam Cruit  | Member, Breakthrough Club

Taylor Johnson  | Member, Breakthrough Club

Arvin Marlowe  | Member, Breakthrough Club

Liz McGinness  | L&J Oil Properties

Dan Oblinger, Patrol Sergeant | Wichita Police Department

David Peterson | CPA, Retired

Holly Anderson  | Anderson Energy, Inc.

Doug Winkley  | Intrust Bank

Gail Johnson  | Intrust Bank


  • 35th Anniversary
    35th Anniversary
  • United Way
    United Way