Vivian’s Journey to Recovery

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder approximately 30 years ago when I realized that I was unhappy with my life and became angry easily. I reached out for help through a counselor, and I was diagnosed with mental illness. Throughout my mental health journey, I have been hospitalized about three times.
After my son mentioned Breakthrough Clubhouse to me about 20 years ago, I checked it out and was immediately interested.
I decided to become a member, as I appreciated their ability to understand my illness. Payee services have helped me with my finances and have allowed me to become financially independent. Clubhouse work-order days helped me gain skills to find employment opportunities. Because of Breakthrough Clubhouse, I’ve been able to live an independent life without frequent hospitalizations. Breakthrough provided me with a safe place to feel included despite my mental health challenges.
Now is your chance to help others like Vivian.
Please give now to our fundraiser, Journeys to Recovery, your gift will provide opportunities for those yearning for change.
Vivian learned to manage her bipolar disorder through her connection to Breakthrough's Clubhouse.