Sabrina says Clubhouse was, "there when I needed help."

Sabrina’s Journey to Recovery

When I needed help, I knew where to look.
My name is Sabrina, and I have had a long journey with mental health challenges.
At 28, I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder, PTSD, and anxiety disorder. My symptoms began to peak when my younger brother died unexpectedly.
But I knew where to look for help.
I heard about Breakthrough Clubhouse from my brother Stephen, who happens to be a longtime member. After hearing about it, and meeting the staff and members, I felt it would be a positive environment for support and growth.
And after a year and a half of membership, I have experienced many improvements.
Clubhouse has provided support in many areas – which I have used in many ways! I’ve been able to work with staff, which has allowed me to feel like I was giving back to a good cause and to be productive with a purpose. For example, engaging with others as a receptionist in the business unit has allowed me to avoid isolation and prepare to meet future employment goals. Education support services even assisted me with enrolling at Butler Community College.
Thanks to all the positive support, I’m able to pursue my goal of becoming a social worker.
Without their support, I would not be where I am today.
Clubhouse has even helped me in my social recovery goals through opportunities to interact with others in a community setting! I can make friends at events and find ways to give support to others who are in need of a friend. They were there when I needed help.
Please consider contributing to a good cause for individuals with mental health challenges to reach their goals and make recovery possible.
Now is your chance to help others like Sabrina.
Please give now to our fundraiser, Journeys to Recovery, so we can continue to provide opportunities for those yearning for change.