Robert’s Journey to Recovery

Around 2002, I became unemployed, homeless, and generally downhearted.
I found Breakthrough Clubhouse and began job hunting, but without success. I ate there frequently. Those meals, however, were more important than you can imagine.
I fell away from attending as my housing circumstances changed – and changed often – until I could find more security by moving in with a friend/worker to help care for her husband.
I have finally become stable, living now off of Social Security and Medicare. During all those earlier years, it was quite challenging for me to get to where I am now – having quit smoking and working on my mental disturbances.
I can now set goals and work toward always being a better me.
I cannot remember all those I spoke with during my time with Clubhouse or all those who helped me, but each of you was – and still are – precious to those in need.
Now is your chance to help others like Robert.
Please give to our fundraiser, Journeys to Recovery, your gift will provide opportunities for those yearning for change.
Start changing a life today.
Robert found Breakthrough during a difficult season.