Don's challenges with schizo-affective disorder, bipolar, and mental health were helped when he came to Breakthrough's Clubhouse.

Don’s Journey to Recovery

Breakthrough gives me a reason and a purpose to get up in the morning.
I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 21, but it happened because of a crisis – a personal relationship had fallen through, and mental illness had seized my brain. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in those early days. Growing up in Leonardville, Kansas, I was lucky to have the support of my family and extended family. They connected me with the area mental health center, which became my rock for many years. Ultimately, I was diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder, bipolar, and have spent time in just about every state and local hospital you can think of over the years. I tried to manage a normal life with marriage, children, and the responsibilities of the farm, but mental illness always got in the way.
I sold my farm equipment and came to Wichita, Kansas to be around my family in 2014. So many good people are in my corner, and yet I still suffer from anxiety, depression, and discouragement as I try to cope with this condition. My last hospital stay lasted 11 days, and when getting discharged, I told them I just wanted the pain to go away.
I came to Breakthrough three years ago and love it. Being here gives me the opportunity to visit with other members in a casual way. There are no papers to grade.  There is no ‘pass’ or ‘fail’. I can find the middle ground and think happy thoughts. Each day I spend time at Breakthrough, I realize I have something to contribute to the group, and that’s huge! Being here makes me feel like maybe things aren’t so bad.
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