Bert’s Journey to Recovery

My life is completely different since I’ve been a part of Breakthrough.
I’ve been a member of the Clubhouse since 1990 – over 30 years.  It’s great because people are there to lean on when my mental illness is acting up.  Being a part of this community helped me go to school and learn how to read and write.  I went to horticulture school and graduated!  I met my wife at Breakthrough, and in 2003 we were married.
What Breakthrough has done for me is help me start a business and deal better with people. But it’s not just Breakthrough; it’s all the programs working together that make Breakthrough work best.
I think Breakthrough in all has helped me become a better person.
Now is your chance to help others like Bert.
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Bert's life completely changed - he learned to read, write, got married, and started a business after finding Breakthrough's Clubhouse.