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We understand that solving the issue of poverty and reducing the stigma of mental illness in Wichita can feel overwhelming. It's not easy to find the right opportunity to help. One may ask, "Which act of kindness provides the help we hope to offer?"

Breakthrough has 35 years experience serving and empowering the poor and mentally ill in Wichita. We know our model of services is effective and we know the services at Breakthrough can make a real difference in individual lives, and in the health of our city. It's our job - and our joy - to make it easy for you to understand and get involved in the challenges of eliminating poverty and supporting those effectively who wish to have quality of life beyond severe mental illness.

Share your talents, commit time to volunteer, make a charitable gift or be an advocate of our mission in your own community.

Our roots came from a vision and leap of faith on the part of individual Episcopal Church members and the Diocese of Kansas. We began as an small organization that looked out into the community and found ways to address the needs they saw. We know that other faith communities are doing the same thing today, and we choose to partner with all faith communities in addressing the needs of our community as they exist now. Our "Parish Outreach" occurs each summer and we are available to speak to faith communities across the city.

The resources below are offered to educate, inspire and invite congregants to walk with us in our mission. You may direct inquiries to the Development Office 316-665-8605 or email Rachel Newell, Development Director at

  • 35th Anniversary
    35th Anniversary
  • United Way
    United Way